Something that I find interesting is when politicians attempt to humanize themselves, that is, putting themselves in otherwise normal situations in an attempt to make themselves look like they are for the people.

For example, take a look at Hillary Clinton riding the New York Subway. Perhaps she’s done it a few times when she first moved to New York (after all, you need to get the lay of the land before representing the people, right?), but it’s become pretty obvious to anyone who follows news outside of her campaign’s influence that she doesn’t really get it. She’s an outsider, and even though she’s probably okay with that she still feels the need to ‘appeal’ to voters, basically treating them like a resource to be cultivated and utilized for her benefit. Let’s contrast this with the British actor, Sir Patrick Stewart who admitted to fancying the Broadway-Lafayette station when asked about a random sighing.

We joke about it today, but is seems like the ancient American practice of kissing babies was no different than Mrs. Clinton’s subterranean adventure into the under city. “See, look what I’m doing” they may think, “I’m one of you”.

Except you’re really not.

Honestly, I think Hillary Clinton would make a very… mediocre president, and I’m okay with that at this point. I’d hate to say it, but if Bernie looses the nomination and doesn’t run as a third party (which I have no reason to believe he will), she’ll probably get my vote for president. My issue isn’t that she’s pandering to voters, it’s that she 1) feels the need to pander, and 2) doesn’t realize that she’s actually alienating the more tech-savvy voters. Not because we’re hip, cool, trendy, rebelling against the boomer candidate, and support Bernie because he’s on the fringe – no no no; it’s because we’re the voters who understand the world through the tools at our disposal. We can check her record to see when she’s pandering, we can see her missteps as she’s on the campaign trail. Even when there’s no voters around, there will still be an Instagram of a terribly bad draft pour.

We see what you’re doing Mrs. Clinton, being a chameleon to clinch the nomination. Please just stop.

I want to like Hillary, but little things like adopting a southern accent when speaking in the south, or riding the subway in New York – we see it. All of it. And forget the policies, forget the guy who was literally standing right behind you when attempting healthcare reform in the 90s, forget the emails: nothing screams dishonesty to my generation more than the insincerity she’s shown to the citizens. We’re not idiots, we see what you’re doing, and we don’t like it.

Meanwhile, a candid photo of your 6-year elder riding the subway in DC surfaces. No bodyguards, no press, no fanfare. And yet she can’t understand why people like me voted for him.


Hillary Burns